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We Welcome Fr. Moore and Family - 07/25/22

We welcome our new Pastor, Fr. Christopher and his family, Matushka Jennifer and their children Andrew, Gideon and John.


Fr. Alexander's Retirement Luncheon - 06/23/22

Pentecost 2022 - 06/12/22

Spring Cleaning 2022 - 04/05/22


Because of the current Covid surge, I am not going “on the road” this year, but parishioners with special requests can call to arrange a blessing.  In fact, however, house blessing does not require that it be done by a priest.  It is easy enough to do, taking only ten minutes, if that.  What a great way for a family to get together for a brief and inspiring spiritual experience.  Parishioners can help themselves to the recently-blessed Holy Water, which will remain in the vestibule for another week. Click on the more informatrion link to view a brief house blessing prayer service. 

Bp Paul - 09/22/21

We welcome with joy, his grace Archbishop Paul, celebrating the Divine Liturgy with us.

Parish Picnic 2021 - 08/24/21

Rummage Sale 2021 - 08/24/21

Eastern Churches Seminar - 10/24/20

In the Christian traditions of East and West, Eucharist and art hold much in common. Both have sensory and spiritual dimensions. Both bring people together. Both transform minds and hearts. Both feed the soul's hunger for personal meaning and interpersonal communion. Both express praise and thanks to God. And both the Eucharist and the arts are about living life to the full.
The Eucharist has inspired countless masterpieces of visual, musical, and literary art. In turn, the arts have added beauty and joy to the celebration of Eucharist. The interplay of Eucharist, art, and life is the focus of Father Alexander Garklavs' presentation for this year's Eastern Churches Seminar.
Father Garklavs is currently pastor of Holy Trinity Orthodox Church in Parma, Ohio. He formerly served as chancellor of the Orthodox Church in America.

As the first virtual presentation in its 36-year history, this year's seminar will debut on YouTube on October 25, 2020, at YouTube.com/NotreDameCoIIege

Kitchen Upgrade - 06/26/20

During this period of shutdown, work in our parish continues. 

We are undertaking a renovation and reorganization  of our kitchen. 



Covid-19 Update - 03/17/20

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

We have received today pastoral directives from our Diocesan Hierarch, His Grace, Bishop Paul.  Here are the important points that concern our parish. 

Please follow the more information link for more information     

We Welcome Bishop Paul - 09/02/19

We were honored to host His Grace Bishop Paul on his archpastoral visit

Holy Week & Pascha - 05/05/19

Spiritual Hospital - 04/04/19

Our church school students created a Spiritual Hospital. The "Saint/s" told of their healing efforts. 

Presentation of Our Lord - 02/02/19

On this Feast of the Meeting of the Lord, we bless candles and contemplate the role of light in the world and in our lives – a light that comes from God and is a way we experience and encounter our Creator.

A Prayer for the blessing of candles:
"O Lord Jesus Christ, the True Light, Who enlightens everyone born in this world, pour out Your blessing on these candles and sanctify them by the light of Your Grace. Grant also, O Merciful One, that as these lights, kindled with a visible flame, scatter the darkness of night, so may our hearts by an invisible fire – that is, enlightened by the glowing of the Holy Spirit – avoid the blindness caused by every sin. May we see with the cleansed eye of our soul those things that are pleasing to You and necessary for our salvation.Having overcome the darkness of this world, grant us to attain to the light that never fades: For You are our Savior, and to You we send up glory, with Your unoriginate Father, and Your all-holy, good, and life-creating Spirit, now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen."

Theophany 2019

Embraced by Faith - Archpriest Vladimir Berzonsky

Holy Transfiguration - Blessing of Fruit



Photos from the Service of Pentecost Vespers of Kneeling and Celebratory gathering



Christmas Eve

Photos from Christmas Eve

Christmas Pageant

Photos of this years Christmas Pageant

Icons of Holy Trinity Orthodox Church

Enjoy these slide shows of the Icons adorning our Temple

Ancient Faith Radio

Orthodox Podcasts


Daily Bread

  • The Path
    Listen to the daily scripture readings and thoughtful commentary with quotes from the Fathers and the lives of the Saints. Hosted by Fr. Tom Soroka.
  • Saint of the Day
    The Saint of the Day briefly tells the story of one of our venerable Saints we are commemorating for each day. Our reader is a professional actor and an ordained Deacon in the Orthodox Church, Dn. Jerome Atherholt. 
  • Daily Orthodox Scriptures
    A Journey together reading through the Orthodox Study Bible. Fr. Alexis Kouri helps lead listeners through a reading of the entire Bible in one year.

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