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Questions and Answers About Orthodoxy

Terminology: Services / Absolution / Cremation
Original Sin
St. Augustine & Original Sin
Mary / Prayer / Death
Sign of the Cross Direction
Speaking in Tongues / Miracles
Faith and Works
Two Christmas Days
What is the proper name of the Orthodox Church?

How is the Orthodox Church organized and held together as one worldwide Church?
Unity in the truth and love of God
Christ, the Son of God
The Trinity
Experience of God and Communion with God
Life in this world
Kingdom of God
Chrysostom and the Wise Stewardship or Our Money
Faith and Works

Images of God
Three-Bar Cross
Architecture & Orthodox Theology

The Russian Orthodox Cross
Placement of Fingers in Icons

The Original Christian Church
Orthodox Christianity and The "Branch Theory"
"On This Rock I will build my church"

Compare the Orthodox Church to the other Christian Churches of the West

Old Testament Readings
Study of the Bible
Reading the Psalms

Canon of Scripture
Hebrews 6:4-6 - Falling Away from the Faith
Book of Revelation
Two Witnesses (Rev 11:1-14)

History of the Orthodox Church in America
Organizational Structure of the OCA
The Orthodox Church in America
Recognition of the OCA

Clergy Compensation
Decline in OCA Membership?
TOC Subscriptions

Orthodox Unity in North America
Troubling Times in the Church
OCA and Greek Orthodox Churches
Russian Orthodox Church in America

Greek and Russian Orthodox
How Many Orthodox in North America and the World?
Five Church Leaders & Theologians
Orthodoxy, Ethnicism, and Conversion

War and Non-Violence
Friends with Non-Orthodox
National Flags in Churches
The Promise Keepers
Social Nudism
A Dialogue on Orthodoxy and Society
What is the Millennium?

Cosmetic Surgery
Stop the Bombing in Kosovo
Intolerance & Cyberspace
This Evil World
The Good of Human Society
Political Issues
Gun Control

Orthodox Church & Stem Cell Research
Immunization / Vaccination
Piercing & Tattoos
Evolution & Orthodoxy
Sex Education in Sunday School -

12-Step Programs
Alzheimer's Disease
Thoughts on the Terri Schiavo Case
Should I read The DaVinci Code?

Finding Orthodox Churches
Establishing a Local Orthodox Church
Mission / Church / Cathedral
Rules & Customs
Looking for Instruction
Helping the Hungry and the Needy
Conduct of the Laity

Laity as Teachers
Orthodox Christian Schools

Archaic English
Beeswax Candles
Musical Instruments
Balancing Service with Prayer
Role of Laymen in the Church
Giving to the Church

The Holy Spirit and Personal Guidance
Blessing Before Meals
Orthodox Fasting
Holy Tradition vs. Customs

What is Reasonable to Expect of People?
Church's view of masturbation
Why fast before the Nativity?
Lenten Fasting

Entrance of the Mother of God into the Temple
of Great and Holy Friday

Red Easter Eggs
Is "Easter" a pagan feast?

Trisagion Service
Royal Doors

Attending Services

Function in Worship / Symbolism / Meaning
Catechumens, Depart!
Common Chalice & Spoon / Kissing Icons
Receiving Communion
Leavened Bread vs. Unleavened
The Nature of Our Worship

Communion Questions
Frequency of Communion
Unwed Mother & Holy Communion
The Divine Liturgy
The Christian Mystery

Patron Saints
Sinlessness of Mary
Dionysius the Areopagite

Angel Day
St. Francis of Assisi
Canonization of the Romanoff Family

Questions on the Sacraments
The Sacraments

Baptismal Names
Seven Sacraments

Orthodox Wedding Ceremony
Marriage & Baptism
Inter-Faith Marriage
Marrying in Another Christian Church
Marriage in a Roman Catholic Church
Marriage & Family Acceptance
Marriage to a Non-Christian

Marriage & Annulment
Divorce and Remarriage
Second Marriage
Conversation after Divorce
Music at a Wedding Reception
Wedding Bands
Divorce, Birth Control, Abortion

What is Sin?
Proof of Confession
General Confession
Reconciliation & Confession

Problems with Confesssion
Confessing in the Presence of a Priest

Procedure to Become a Priest
Requirements that leads to Priesthood
Ordination to Priesthood
Late Vocations
Priesthood / Languages
On-line Ordinations
Archpriest / Archimandrite / Protopresbyter
What do all those titles mean?

What are the clerical offices in the Orthodox Church?
Does the Orthodox Church have monks and nuns?
Entering a Monastery
Meaning in Monasticism
Ordination of Women
Divorce and Ordination
Personal Faith and the Priesthood

Prayers for the Departed
Final Moments & Repentance
Prosphora for the Ill and Departed
Commemorating Non-Orthodox at Memorial Services

Burial Customs
What to Wear When Mourning

Credibility of the Orthodox Church
Orthodox or Not?
Where to Begin?
Journey to Faith
Encouraging / Discouraging Conversion
Unity, Evangelism, and Bishops
Buddhism and Conversion to Orthodoxy
Armenian Apostolic Church

Ecumenism & Modernism
Ecumenism & Church Leaders
Membership in Ecumenical Groups
Orthodox Worhip vs. Contemporary Worship
What about other Christians?
Christmas and Protestant Carols
The Goals of Christianity and Buddhism
Orthodoxy and Astrology

Catholic and Orthodox
The Pope & Christian Unity
Orthodox Influences on Roman Catholicism
Communion in Roman Catholic Church
Western Rite Parishes
The Word 'Uniate'
Validity of Roman Catholic Orders

The Rosary
Sacrifice of the Mass
The Perpetual Virginity of Mary
Is the Orthodox Church closer to Roman Catholic or Protestant Church?

Jehovah's Witness

Masonic Fraternity

Autocephalous / Autonomous

20 Questions on Autocephaly by Fr. Thomas Hopko.

Accountability in the Church
Lots of questions received!
What happened... and what can we do?
Lack of Internal Controls
Audit Committee

2006 budget versus actual
Proskauer-Rose Investigation
Interview with Metropolitan Herman
Best Practices Implementation

Do you have a question on the Orthodox Faith, Christianity, or the Orthodox Church in America?

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